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Sun Light Shield C-1000 Feature & Efficiency

Sun Light Shield C-1000 Feature & Efficiency

In case of Corporation, 80% for Cleaning expense!

This product is a Heat Cut off Liquid of Infrared Rays and has been developed as the Counter measure for global warming and Heat Island phenomenon.

Our company takes a pride in ourselves with our best product in every Respect of Quality, Efficiency and Cost among the other products, aiming such a similar effect.

[1]Our Product will cut off more than 90% of Infrared Rays!! [C-1000K]

 Our Product will cut off more than 80% of Infrared Rays. [C-1000L]

※We can apply {C-1000L} for a netted glass, also.

Energy saving ・Cost saving

Our Product will lighten the burden on a cooler & Heater units and achieve Energy saving and Cost down.

[2]Visible Ray is more than 80% for [C-1000L]

Visible Ray is more than 70% for [C-1000K]

High Transparency

Transparency will be no change and same like a Float Glass even you applied our Coating Liquid and our product will never destroy a Grand view.

[3]This Product can intercept more than 98% of Ultraviolet rays!!![C-1000K and C-1000L]

Prevention of Skin Cancer

This product cuts off approx. more than98% of Ultraviolet rays which is the Cause of Skin Cancer. Prevention of discoloration    This product prevents discoloration &  and decline

decline of interior decorations, furniture,curtain, Carpet, etc. by the effect of interception of Ultraviolet rays.

<Sharp decrease of Flying     This product will reduce the number ofInsects>

flying insects, perceiving & crowding  to Ultraviolet Rays which will be generated by an illuminator during night time to almost zero level.

[4]Other efficiency will be expected.

Restraint of condensation

Condensation will be one of the reason of The Mold and Rust and this product will restrain it.. <High durability>

Surface(H7) of the Glass will be hardened after Applying coating liquid and it won’t have Any scratch after scrubbing, cleaning, etc. And efficiency of this coating liquid won’t be Declined until glass is cracked because of An inorganic matter.

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